If you reside on the Australian mainland, there is a fantastic opportunity to explore. if Hobart is not on your foodie radar yet, you should really consider it. It is a town that is always underestimated, except for those fortunate enough to visit. The Tasmanian food arena has gone from strength to strength recently, together with leatherwood honey, Bruny Island oysters and Sullivan’s Cove whiskey all making waves in the domestic and global scene. Therefore, if you are a fine create enthusiast or simply a thirsty oenophile seeking the ideal pinot, you should probably reserve a one-way ticket into Hobart. From fine dining to cheap eats, here is a foodie guide to the coolest city on the Apple Isle.

Salamanca Markets

If you are in Hobart over a weekend, then including the Salamanca Markets for your own food itinerary is a no-brainer. On Saturdays from 8:30 am till 3 pm, well more than a hundred people, farmers and food providers take into the road along Salamanca Place to market their wares. If you do not have a lot of time to invest in Hobart, this is where you can sample a few of the finest locally made goods from all around Tasmania. Think specialty cheeses, condiments, spirits, wine, chocolates and much more. My recommendation? Have a look at the Tasmania Chilli Beer Co, a boutique micro-brewery that infuses chili in their brews, adding to the total flavor instead of spicing it up. If you aren’t a beer drinker, then, in addition, they have non-alcoholic variations of the ginger beer along with a chili raspberry mixture you have just got to test. Not importing to the’mainland’, Tassie is the only place it’s possible to enjoy this deal.

Farm Gate Market

The Farm Gate Market (open Sundays) is a bigger but rewarding farmer’s market with an adequate selection of boutique providers and new eats. You’ll find it in a car park on Melville Street from 9 am until about 1 pm, crammed with stallholders selling heaps of dishes, for example, signature neighborhood dish, scallop dish, produced from new Tassie Bass Strait scallops with a creamy curry-ish sauce all wrapped up in a buttery, flaky pastry. Additionally, there are enormous cheese sticks, fresh honey, pastries, and a good deal of veggies and fruit. If you are heading into MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) collect some picnic supplies in the markets (or some other nearby grocery sockets — many of these have a neighborhood food department ) and enjoy a picnic on the grass close to the shore. MONA also includes a café, fine dining restaurant and the Moorilla winery with cellar door, a fantastic place if you adore your little batch wines. Moo Brew, MONA’s popular beer, can be readily available for tastings and brewery tours also.


But, whichever day you arrive, there is no better way to begin your foodie experience than a leisurely breakfast. The Salamanca Wharf Café is absolutely one of the best breakfast areas around Hobart. Situated on Castray Esplanade, the menu serves up a few fantastic fares like the obligatory chopped avocado and Bircher muesli, but also refreshing spins such as breakfast salads with quinoa, lentils, herbs, poached eggs, and avocado.


Just outside Hobart, you will also discover an increase in production of small pile spirits and we could not go passed McHenry Distillery who’s certainly assisting from the resurgence of gin as the drink of choice. Specifically, their sloe gin is one we could not pass up. A suggestion direct from the distillery would be to test it on vanilla ice cream- bliss!

If whiskey is the thing, Tasmania is rapidly becoming Australia’s go-to destination for whiskey fans and Lark Distillery’s basement door located near Hobart’s waterfront (on Davey Street) is the ideal speed to sample off with over a hundred whiskeys available. You are able to try them from your shot or half a shot.

Dining and treats

The thing that Hobart certainly does nicely is surprises, along with the dining scene here which actually is charming. You will find fine dining restaurants such as The Glass House at the conclusion of Brooke Street Pier, with its floating elegance and wonderful water views, all of the ways into the Machine Laundry Café, a stylish favorite with all the Hobart hipster audience. It is a place where you could anticipate to nab a good dinner in Hobart and do your laundry in a single spot.

However, most importantly, what Hobart (and frankly all Tasmania) does exactly the very best, is food. Any town, you stop you are sure to get a massive choice of fresh produce, fish and also a little town hospitality that has been abandoned in the large cities in the world. If you are heading into Hobart, bring your foodie desire. You won’t be let down.