Small business owners may find it hard to take holidays during any time of the year. Two out of three entrepreneurs worry while on holiday, about everything from missed business opportunities through workers slacking off. Throw in concerns about the market and ever-rising fuel and energy costs, and it is no surprise that so many small business people are hesitant to take some downtime.

So what do we do to find the worry-free holiday time we will need to maintain ourselves and our small businesses flourishing?

1) Close the shop

One popular option for small business owners is to shut down during holidays. As an example, a local bakery has a history of being closed for the month of January while its husband and wife owners choose a holiday in warmer climes.

Closing down a service company for a brief time period is also possible with some advance preparation; it is essentially an issue of not scheduling appointments/commitments during a specific time period and letting clients know that you are going to be away ahead of time. This may be a good plan. But remember about your clients and customers, how will they feel if you close for a large period of time, and will they go elsewhere?

2) Take your company with you

Some business owners have the ability to take advantage of current technology and take their businesses with them when they travel – a terrific way to have a worry-free vacation. So long as it is possible to work remotely and are vacationing in areas with adequate technological tools (reliable electricity and wireless foundations, as an instance) you can use your smart phone/laptop/tablet to keep your business operating.

Your chances of a worry-free holiday are much improved as you are still able to keep tabs on things and deal with issues as they crop up. Obviously, though, taking your company with you whenever you travel will not work for some companies, which require face-to-face connections and/or hands-on production. It doesn’t matter how many muffin dictates the bakers I mentioned above have the ability to take if there is nobody on site to bake them.

3) Locate replacement management

For most small companies, this past worry-free vacation option is the best. The company continues to operate and earn cash and from a personal viewpoint, the small business owner gets what he or she most needs – a true break.

There are two things that you need to do if having someone look after your company while you’re gone is truly going to become a worry-free holiday experience for you; select the perfect person to handle your small business while you’re on holiday and train them to do it beforehand.

The best way of running a business while on holiday is to have somebody else manage the company while you’re away. Consider hiring a business coach, or an online business coaching company to help you run your business whilst you are relaxing in the Bahamas. These worry-free vacation tips will help make certain that you really receive a holiday when you go, as opposed to endlessly calling or texting to determine how things are going.

Running a business while on holiday will take a little bit of work beforehand on your part, but it is the best approach to really receive a worry-free holiday when you do actually take one. And, once your holiday plan is set up and you have someone ready to back you up, getting to have a holiday in the future is going to be a whole lot easier.